Customize the best heating solution for your project.
Add a new functionality to an existing product.

ecosiv can supply custom heated components according to OEM specifications, that can be fully integrated into an existing or new product. Heating solutions can be tailored to meet mechanical properties of size, shape, layout of heated zones and terminals position. A specific power unit can be customized to obtain the required surface temperature in a given operating voltage.

Heating elements in flexible or hard form as semi-finished or finished products.

 The heating fabric can be laminated or bonded onto the surface of building panels or integrated into sandwich panels. Flexible heaters can be easily bonded or adhered to other system parts. Slim and curved lightweight heated surfaces can be formed and applied into furniture or interior elements. Parameters like maximum temperature load, dielectric strength and material type - hard panel, semi-flexible or flexible sheets, define the selection in the appropriate protective isolation material.

custom heating elements
flexible heating elements
ceramic composites
epoxy plate heater
fire resistant heating panel