Experience healthy infrared radiation - ecosiv heating panel.

ecosiv radiant heaters transmit energy fast, with high efficiency and superior thermal performance. The thin heating panel can be mounted on walls or ceilings as room heating appliances. Low weight and slim profile make the panels ideal for installation in domestic spaces. Compact design and high grade coatings allow installation in demanding environments.
The heaters can be applied as a main heating or as complementary heating and present an unlimited lifetime solution.
The heaters are manufactured using

ceramic composite material

, classified an A1 fire resistant, absolutely incombustible. The material provides very good heat conductivity and electrical isolation as well as lightweight and high impact strength. Infrared heaters present a perfect heating solution which is comparable to solar heat, a natural form of warmth. They produce a comfortable indoor climate with a constant humidity, which is very beneficial for the human body as well as for plants and animals, do not create air flow, and are low electro-smog devices.

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